Word of the Week #2


“I imagine a gentlemanly bare-knuckle boxer used it as a legal wavier freeing him of responsibility after he used his fists to transmogrify his opponent’s face into a butcher’s dumpster.”


to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect. (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)

Enough heat will cause any plastic to transmogrify into a twisted mess. 


One of my Favorite Writings

I think, of everything President Obama may be remembered for, his ability to deliver moving speeches will be one of them. But a voice can only take a speech so far. The words themselves are vital, so that whether it is heard out loud or read on paper, the speech can resonate. The keynote address of the 2004 Democratic National Convention is that kind of speech. One reason may be because of how Obama speaks his message for every American of every background in a way that seems more sincere than most, especially when he shares his own personal history, not only to relate, but to show that the American Dream is achievable.

One theme that I like the most in the keynote address is the call for unity and solidarity in America. It’s not the same gung-ho, greatest nation on Earth type of call that you hear in most American political speeches. It is a call that asks all Americans, black or white, red or blue, gay or straight,  to work together so we can truly succeed. And while it is hopeful and optimistic, it calls for action and not “blind optimism”. To have “the audacity of hope” despite the difficult times we face. That to be American is to hope beyond reason that despite how bad things are, there will be better days ahead, and that those days will come when we make them possible.