Andy’s Pet Shop

Andy’s Pet Shop is a store in Downtown San Jose on 51 Notre Dame Street, near the San Pedro Public Market. Andy’s sells 100% American made products for pets, and also have animals up for adoption ranging snakes and lizards to birds and cats. The Shop itself is not non-profit, but the animals it shelters are brought in by different organizations, such as North Star Animal Rescue, West Coast Boxer Rescue, Mickaboo Bird Rescue, and several more bringing in rescued pets and animals for adoption. Every animal that can be adopted at the shop is a rescued animal. The shop is currently owned by Lisa but is staffed by volunteers with their own organizations that contribute to the animals living there. Zoe volunteers at the Pet Shop but also is on the board of directors for the West Coast Boxer Rescue. She and her adopted boxer Mosey can be found at the shop, along with king pigeons, cats, kittens, tortoises, fish, mice, guinea pigs and Mango the Toucan. The shop has been in San Jose since 1950 and while ownership has changed hands it remains a home for many pets that would have none.


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